The Master at Work….Billie Holiday, 1955


Its very interesting to listen to Liza sing Over The Rainbow at 13 years old. She had a beautiful, controlled voice, but it was a child’s voice. You listen to it and you can tell it’s a child singing.

Not her mother though. If you listen to Judy singing at 13, it’s like a grown woman singing. She didn’t have a child’s voice at all.

I don’t mean to compare them in a sense of saying that one was better than the other, but I find it interesting that it shows how much of a freak of nature Judy Garland was. She had that voice, that well developed instrument at 13, when she was just a child, even though she didn’t sound like one.

Couldn’t agree more. Judy had a very deep and gorgeously mature voice when she was in her teens! Normally girls who have deeper voices (alto - tenor) in adulthood grow into their full vocal range at about 17 or 18.    It’s - like you said - as if her vocal chords developed much quicker than the rest of her body. A remarkably rare but wonderful gift.

the fact that some tracks are banned on spotify but ONLY IN GERMANY makes me fuming mad


There’s nothing like these Dames…


Pianist Kyle Landry’s Harry Potter Medley (Years 1-4)

Check out this piano medley of Harry Potter film music composed by John Williams and Patrick Doyle. Kyle is amazingly talented and has this wonderful YT channel where he posts countless other film music covers, including LOTR, Pirates of the Carribean and Disney classics. This may be an old video (You’ve probably heard it before) but it still didn’t lose one note of its epicness.


1) Hedwig’s Theme (00:04)
2) Nimbus 2000 (1:32)
3) Main Theme Interlude 1 (2:44)
4) Voldemort (3:06)
5) Fawkes the Phoenix (4:25)
6) Buckbeak’s Flight (6:00)
7) Window to the Past (7:00)
8) Main Theme Interlude 2 (8:53)
9) Hogwart’s March (9:17)
10) Harry in Winter (10:00)
11) Main Theme Interlude 3 (11:12)
12) Harry’s Wondrous World (11:32)

Track: Tokyo Encore
Artist: Keith Jarrett
Album: Sun Bear Concerts
Plays: 4201


Keith Jarrett - Tokyo Encore

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day six of the 30 day challenge

thelonious monk playing “misterioso