Meryl Streep proves that she can literally play any role. Here she plays a sexy woman, a woman giving birth and an annoyed teenager. Bravo.

Watch Meryl show off her acting chops by reading a recipe, a traffic report, and a Wikipedia page as different characters.

No, folks, when every 2nd post on my dash is a pic or gif of Julie Andrews, then I don’t consider that as spam


Photo booth pictures of Truman Capote, Audrey Hepburn, and Mel Ferrer, c. 1956.

"Marilyn [Monroe] was my first choice to play Holly Golightly.  I thought she would be perfect.  Holly had to have something touching about her…unfinished.  [But] Paramount double-crossed me in every way and cast Audrey." - Truman Capote

Personal note:  Capote: A Biography by Gerald Clarke is the biography that made me a fan of biographies. 

❝ If this magic stillness at the end makes you feel like not clapping, then just don’t. I’ll understand. ❞

- Leonard Bernstein, young people’s concert (via ludwigvanbaethoven)

Tell people there’s an invisible man in the sky who created the universe, and the vast majority will believe you;

Tell them the paint is wet, and they have to touch it to make sure.

- George Carlin (via damn-peasants)

Track: Time After Time
Artist: Chet Baker
Album: The Best Of Chet Baker Sings
Plays: 238

Chet Baker — Time After Time (1956)

i cant go to this year’s Hollywood in Vienna Comedy Night featuring RANDY NEWMAN and it makes me want to weep rivers


Old Hollywood || Gregory Peck

"Before I became an actor, I wanted to be a writer. Freedom of mind and action is important to me. Right now I’d like to take off for Mexico and fish for a while and swim and read books without wondering whether they’d make a good picture." - Gregory Peck